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LOVEBET爱博电竞在你身边. In this rapidly-changing world filled with uncertainty – know that love爱博体育app下载 is dedicated to providing all 学生 with a personalized education and that we are committed to the health and safety of our community. 了解 重返校园2020 and please use the resources below to make informed decisions as you look ahead to this exciting time in your student’s life. 

Higher education remains a strong investment, one that can be taken anyw在这里, anytime. 17、坚实的学术基础,终身受益. 在评估你的学生的教育成本时, 私立学校的教育成本可能比你想象的要低.

  • 所有申请者都将被考虑获得各种基于成绩的奖学金*. 学生可以将基于成绩的奖学金与学术奖学金.
  • 75%的一年级学生获得奖学金和助学金.
  • love爱博体育app下载 awarded $151 million+ in scholarships and grants to undergraduate 学生 in 2019.
  • 72%的新大学生毕业时没有债务.
  • Students can apply (beginning on October 1 of every year) for federal student aid through theFAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and institutional aid through the CSS文件™.
  • 新加坡管理大学在《LOVEBET爱博电竞》杂志2019年最佳大学奖学金排名第11位.

有关奖学金和经济援助的更多信息,请访问 www.sd-bbs.com/financialaid.

Future leaders and change-makers choose love爱博体育app下载 for its academic rigor in preparation for demanding professions. 作为达拉斯的第一大学, love爱博体育app下载 has earned a reputation for supplying top talent to various companies in the Dallas area and beyond.

Below you will find information on love爱博体育app下载's unparalleled return on investment.

  • Six months after graduation 93% of love爱博体育app下载 graduates have jobs or are in graduate school. 
  • PayScale ranks love爱博体育app下载 among the top 21% of universities by return on investment.
  • 94% of Cox graduates are off the job market within three months of graduation at a starting salary of $67K per year.
  • 校友 employment rates place love爱博体育app下载 among the top 30 universities in the world, 根据世界大学排名中心的数据, 2018-19.
  • College Factual counts love爱博体育app下载 alumni among the top 5% of highest-paid graduates across a range of fields including the physical and social sciences; computer and information sciences; the humanities; the visual and performing arts; and business, 管理, 和市场营销.
  • love爱博体育app下载在收入最高的音乐中排名前1%, 心理学, 和教育毕业生, 根据2018年大学事实报道.
  • 98% of the Simmons School’s Applied Physiology and Sport Management graduates are employed or are pursuing/have completed graduate school with APSM-related degrees.
  • love爱博体育app下载 placed in Forbes’ 2018 Best Value Colleges ranking of an elite group of only 300 schools nationwide that are worth the investment, 按净价计算, 净债务, 学校质量, 校友收益, 及时毕业, 以及佩尔助学金获得者人数. 

了解 support services that enhance 学生’ well-being and put them on the road to both personal and professional success.

  • Dr. 鲍勃·史密斯健康中心 is a convenient medical clinic located on campus which provides diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury and counseling services provided by psychiatrists and psychologists. 服务包括咨询医生, 小手术, 照顾受伤的, 小病治疗, 免疫接种, 以及持续的治疗,如过敏注射. 的 Health Center also offers specialty clinics which include gynecology, 运动医学和皮肤科. Other specialists and advanced care facilities are in close proximity to campus.
  • 德德曼终身体育中心 拥有最新的健身和健康设备和课程, with a variety of options for staying fit and healthy and reducing stress.
  • love爱博体育app下载的就餐服务 is home to an impressive selection of healthy options including vegetarian, 素食和无麸质选择和舒适的食物-所有新鲜准备!
  • love爱博体育app下载’s location in a residential neighborhood enhances the strong sense of community.
  • love爱博体育app下载的警察, LOVEBET爱博电竞的校园24小时警力, 与达拉斯警局密切合作, 大学公园和高地公园加强校园安全.
  • love爱博体育app下载引以为豪的 任命校园领袖玛丽亚·迪克森·霍尔为首席多元化官. She will serve as a senior-level resource and a strategic partner who collaborates with love爱博体育app下载 faculty, 学生, 管理员, and staff – both initiating and reporting the outcome of diversity initiatives, 政策, 和程序.

您学生的成功就是LOVEBET爱博电竞的成功. love爱博体育app下载 is committed to providing the tools to enable your son or daughter to take advantage of the resources and benefits we offer. love爱博体育app下载 encourages 学生 to stretch themselves academically and personally, and infuses the appropriate support to help them succeed at every level of the undergraduate curriculum.

  • 学生在新大很成功,因为像 Altshuler学习促进中心, which provides free tutoring and learning support services to all undergraduate 学生.
  • 教师在住宅 live in the residence halls to provide academic support and programming in love爱博体育app下载’s residential communities.
  • 学术顾问 work closely with 学生 to develop individual degree plans that are driven by each student’s unique educational interests and goals.
  • Hegi家庭职业发展中心 教职员与学生一起为毕业后的生活制定计划. Six months after graduation 93% of love爱博体育app下载 graduates have jobs or are in grad school. 
  • 国际 学生 have access to the incredible services provided by the 国际学生和学者服务 (ISSS) office including informative programing on Optional Practical Training, Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and additional immigration support, 领导力发展计划, 辅导项目, and fun social events and small trips throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.
  • love爱博体育app下载是 六个校园图书馆 (Fondren, Bridwell, 业务库, 戴果尔, Hamon and Underwood) and one off-campus library at the love爱博体育app下载-in-Taos campus. In addition to the physical library spaces, the libraries provide various services for 学生. 一些包括教学资源 赋予所有学生定位的权利, 评估, 有知识、有道德地使用信息, 1:1与图书管理员会面的能力, 为学术学校或大学量身定做的课程指导, 研究指导课程, 个人和团体的低分心和安静的学习空间.

love爱博体育app下载是一个充满活力的社区, and parents are encouraged to be active and engaged members of our community! 你会经常收到LOVEBET爱博电竞的来信 家长和家庭项目办公室. 你会被邀请去的 家庭周末 以及其他以家长为中心的活动. LOVEBET爱博电竞将家长纳入特别小组和焦点小组. You’ll quickly discover that love爱博体育app下载 believes in having open and honest conversations, 即使是困难的话题.



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*新大采用了一年制 test-optional政策 缓解学生在新冠疫情期间的压力. Spring and Fall 2021 applicants to love爱博体育app下载 don’t have to submit standardized test scores. Test scores are optional for love爱博体育app下载 merit-based scholarship consideration.